8 Must Have Applications To Boost Your Productivity

Here is the list of the applications all windows users should have;

  1. CCleaner- CCleaner is a junk file cleaner, registry cleaner, system restore cleaner and more. It supports java, Firefox, opera, ie, chrome, prefetch files, and more. This tool helps clean up your computer safety but removing junk files that can slow down your computer.
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials- MSE is an Antivirus/Anti-Spyware Client from Microsoft. This is the product that replaced OneCare. It’s lightweight, fast, free, easy to use, and has a high detection rate.
  3. Firefox- This is a no brainer. Its time for people to stop using the default browser IE. Although there are some websites like banking websites that still don’t support Firefox the need is still there. It’s faster, its safer, it has add-ons galore, and its open-source. Chrome/Safari/Opera also work if you would rather use those.
  4. Secunia PSI- Secunia PSI is an essential app for anyone since it detects vulnerabilities. It scans for applications that are out of date, and just how much of a security risk those out of date applications pose. For example an out-dated flash or java could easily put your computer in great risk.
  5. CNET Tech Track- CNET (who hosts download.com) features an update checker. Since CNET has a huge virus/spyware free library of apps it means that it will be able to find every of your out of date applications so you can easily stay up to date without constantly checking for updates.
  6. Defraggler- Defraggler is a very nifty defragmentation application. It can defrag only a certain file, or files in a folder, or your whole drive, or just the files under a certain size. People also use it because vista/windows 7’s defrag app has removed the GUI since in XP.
  7. Recuva- Recuva is an application that can find delete files on your hard drive if you accidentally deleted them. Although it only works if you deleted the file recently.
  8. Open Office- Open Office is really the free open-source twin to office. It does word, power point, spreadsheets, and databases. It can open and save office files so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Although if you want an in the cloud experience use Google docs.

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Dating Apps

Everyone knows that finding your soul mate may not be an easy task, but online dating sites and apps that are plaguing the web can certainly make it easier. For starters, most people have become increasingly busy with their day to day lives and connecting online at you own time and convenience is a blessing for all. Unlike a couple of decades ago, almost all women too work full time jobs, which has made it more difficult for women to find men and connect with them. To take away this problem and provide more convenience and choices to both, men and women to find love is the main reason dating apps are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. With that being said, it is still very important to know what men secretly want, in order to connect with them deeply. If you do not know this, then even though you may be able to meet more men via online dating apps, you will not be able to connect with them easily and so may have to go through a longer process in terms of finding love. A friend of mine who has been dating a lot and was having this exact issue of meeting a lot of men but not being able to understand most of the men she met, recommended a book called What men secretly want by a coach name James Bauer. I have to admit that I have not read this book, and do not know much about it except that my friend thinks it is a good book for all single women. I also found this what men secretly want review that provides a great amount of details about this book. I especially liked the part about The Respect Principle by James Bauer. You may want to check this review out before buying the book.

Another good book that was mentioned in a recent conversation by a friend of mine is called Unlock Her Legs also called The Scrambler. This book is for men only, and it is mainly about how men can attract women easily and quickly. It is written by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, who have provided some good points about dating and attracting women. Here is a video for more details about this book.

Having said all that now it is time to get back to the original topic of dating apps. There has been a sleuth of new dating apps flooding the online space. Some of these are more effective than others, and so I wanted to list some of my picks to help my single women readers out.

First on my list is the super popular Tinder. Tinder has become one of the biggest players in the space of online dating.

Next one on my list is OkCupid. This too is an extremely popular dating app, and one of the few apps that does not need you to have a facebook account to have an account with them. This could be helpful if you want to keep the 2 accounts completely separate.

Then there is Coffee Meets Bagel. One you have signed up and set up your account, they will send you a “bagel” (a potential match) every day with the option for you to like or pass it on. This is a good concept too and can be fun in the process.

So, these are my top 3 dating apps for all the single women out there. I know it is a jungle out there but these should help you make things a tad easier for yourself.

5 Ways In Which Firefox Is Better Than Internet Explorer

We have all heard people say Firefox is the best browser ever, but never really heard why. In response here is a list of 5 ways in which Firefox is better than Internet Explorer.

  1. It’s not included with Windows.

How is that a good thing? Well most users use Internet Explorer because it comes with windows. The problem is IE has a large market share because of that. As a result IE is the most targeted to malware. Since the more people use it the more people will want to harm it. (Same goes for Mac). So you are at a less of a security risk.

  1. It’s customizable.

Sure IE can have add-ons, and bookmarks, but its add-on library is much smaller then Firefox. With Firefox you can change the look, what displays, the order of buttons, and the functionality. That way the browser is tailored for you, and not Microsoft’s general audience.

  1. It’s Open Source.

(Open Source is free as in freedom). The value of Firefox being Open Source is that you can change it any way you want, if there is a bug you can report it, if you want to fix a bug you can, and you can help integrate new things into Firefox. This means it’s not tailored for just one environment, but all of them.

  1. It’s Muti-platform.

It doesn’t matter if you are on Windows, or Mac, or Linux as Firefox will look the same for each, and will act exactly the same. That way you don’t have to change anything if you want to use a different OS.

  1. It uses industry standards.

Firefox is tailored for the web, not Microsoft’s version of the web. It supports HTML5 (the latest web standard), and with that it supports codec free video. That way you don’t have to have a plugin to view the video on a webpage. While it has to be in the open source video format (.ogv) it will still work without a plugin that can put you at a security risk (flash). Firefox will soon support open fonts, so that the font on a webpage will be the same to everyone, that way you don’t have to worry about how it looks to different people.

So thats the 5 reasons why you should use Firefox instead of IE.

Boost Your Productivity  With Microsoft Exchange

Buried deep inside Outlook, Microsoft’s popular email program, is a collection of powerful business tools that are off-limits to users who lack additional software.

The missing component is Microsoft Exchange, which is a software application that runs on a server. It helps groups of people work together more effectively by allowing information stored in Outlook, such as calendars and contact lists, to be easily shared on a network. It also gives businesses more control over their email, enabling them to set rules that determine things like attachment and mailbox size, acceptable file types, and user customizable addressing.

Communication and collaboration is important for any business, and Exchange can certainly help coordinate these activities. However, a company with a small number of employees, six or less, will most likely not find a sufficient ROI (Return on Investment) of the expense and setup of this application, unless they are running Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003, which includes a condensed version of Exchange, users will likely find it easier and more cost effective to simply rely on phone calls, old-fashioned yelling across or down the hall, and outsourced email vendors.

Below are some of Microsoft’s breakdown points of Exchange’s benefits that are worth reviewing if you are considering purchasing and installing Exchange.

For the midsize business, Exchange provides some real advantages. As one example, let’s say you want to set up a meeting with coworkers. Without Exchange, protocol would have you emailing or calling individuals to check on and confirm availability, making copies of documents to hand out during the meeting, sending an email reminder, and ending with a translation of the discussed topics into neatly typed meeting minutes for distribution or a follow-up email. All in all, it is an arduous process that expends valuable and productive time best used elsewhere.

With Exchange, this process becomes significantly more streamlined and efficient. It is as simple as sending out an email Meeting Request. When coworkers click to accept the invitation, the meeting time and date are automatically added to their Outlook calendars and a list of attendees is generated in the sender’s calendar. Everyone is reminded of the meeting via a pop-up window generated by Outlook. By clicking ‘Meeting Workspace’ as you send out the Request, a shared space will be set up on the company intranet where people can store and access information related to the meeting – thereby eliminating the task of collecting and copying meeting related material.

Additionally, you can use Exchange to configure your email system to the exact specifications you want. Exchange allows for internal centralized control of your email system, allowing real-time updates to the accounts of the entire company. Exchange 2003 also has an Intelligent Message Filter, which uses Microsoft SmartScreen technology to junk spam before it reaches in-boxes. You are also able to accept and distribute the email from multiple domains.

Exchange lets groups of employees utilize Outlook’s more advanced communication features. For example, public folders can be set up to share email, documents, agendas, task lists, calendars, and notes related to a specific project. This information can be accessed through Exchange’s built in Web Interface, granting secure access to your centralized corporate address lists, calendars, and emails from any internet connection. It is also possible for executives to give an assistant access to add, delete or modify the executive’s contacts, calendar entries, etc.

Exchange 2003, the most recently updated release, interacts with the Microsoft Active Directory service, which is a part of Windows into which most users never venture. While Exchange is a complex piece of software that can be fairly difficult to set up and maintain, Microsoft has an excellent how-to guide. However, if the set-up and/or maintenance is something you don’t have time for or don’t feel comfortable doing yourself, consider hiring an outside consultant. Depending on the size of your network and the amount of data you need to transfer, installation can take anywhere between 4 to 10 hours. Most consultants charge around $150 to $200 an hour for these services. Consultants are often able to perform part of the install as well as make certain updates, add new employee accounts and make various changes remotely, thereby saving you from the money and inconvenience of an on-site visit.

My company uses Microsoft Exchange 2003 and we have found it to be very beneficial during our everyday practices. As a result of the benefits we gained from using the software, we provide procurement, set-up and maintenance of this product to other businesses. You shouldn’t believe the Microsoft naysayer – this product can and will make your office more efficient and productive. I have found that there is little that this powerful software can’t do.